My research interests are mostly within functional analysis, with the theory of Banach spaces as a starting point and then branching out to areas such as nonlinear functional analysis and operator spaces.

One frequent theme in my research so far is generalizations of well-known ideals of operators acting between Banach spaces to new situations. The study of such ideals of operators has historically provided tools for proving a myriad of interesting results whose utility goes beyond just Banach spaces, with applications in many other areas of analysis. For various reasons, it makes sense to try to generalize some of these ideas from Banach space theory to other contexts.

I have worked in two such situations: first the nonlinear functional analysis that arises when Banach spaces are replaced with general metric spaces, and then the operator space theory that concerns the case where Banach spaces are replaced with their noncommutative or quantized counterparts.

On a more applied note, I am interested in various aspects of signal processing. One of them is the recovery of low-rank matrices, which again has a noncommutative flavor. Another one is the theory of frames in Banach spaces.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

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  2. Asymptotic dimension and coarse embeddings in the quantum setting. With Andrew Swift. Submitted for publication. Preprint.
  3. Isoperimetric and Sobolev inequalities for magnetic graphs. Preprint.
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  5. Ando-Choi-Effros liftings for regular maps between Banach lattices. To appear in Positivity. Preprint.
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  9. Ideals of extendible Lipschitz maps. With A. Jiménez-Vargas. Submitted for publication. Preprint.
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